Palaung Women’s Organization

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PWO Mission
We are Palaung women who will advocate and advance the status of women in the field of development and working towards achieving gender equality, justice, peace and a democratic society.

Organizational profile
The Palaung Women’s Organization (PWO) was established in 2000 in response to the dearth of women actively participating within other Palaung organizations. Cultural factors determined that men had greater access to training, better English language and computer skills, greater self-confidence and more leadership opportunities.
PWO was formed with the intention of educating and empowering women so that they could develop and strengthen their own self-determination and achieve equality of participation.
PWO provides gender and human rights training to Palaung women and their communities; increases international and community knowledge of the Palaung people, their history and cultures; and raises awareness of the human rights abuses suffered by the Palaung people.

•    To develop and advance the status of Palaung women to actively participate in the political sphere.
•    To actively work towards the elimination of all forms of violence against women.
•    To advocate for the improvement of the health and will being of Palaung people.
•    To increase attention and response at the local, regional and international levels towards addressing Human Rights violations in the Palaung area.
•    To maintain a stable and regular income for PWO and properly manage and account for our fund in a timely manner.

Programs/ projects

1.    Women’s Political Development Program
Young Women’s Capacity Building Training:
PWO has provided this 3 months training at least twice a year since 2006. The training mainly focuses on democracy, rule of law, federalism, human rights, women’s rights and the political background of Burma.

Internship Project:

PWO has conducted and internship program for its members every 6 month since 2005. Interns learn about Burmese politics, English, Computer skills, PWO activities and office management skills. After finishing the program, some interns work as PWO staff.

2. Eliminating Violence against Women Program
PWO provides training on gender based violence and the trafficking of women, educating and raising awareness on gender based violence issues such as trafficking, Rape, Domestic violence, Sexual harassment and other kinds of women’s rights violations.

Crisis Center
PWO has helped women who were trafficked and faced violence in the community.
PWO opened a crisis center to provide a temporary place to stay and support the basic needs of women.

3. Health Program
PWO is a member of the Adolescent Reproductive Health Network (ARHN). WWO provides Adolescent and Reproductive Health training to the young people inside the Palaung area in Burma.
PWO and TWYO collaborate in providing a mobile health clinic for the underserved Palaung community.

4. Income Generation Project
Since 2004 PWO has done some embroidery and sewing projects. We gave training and produced the Palaung culture bag, longi and shawl.

5. Information Documentation and Research Department
PWO collects evidence of various human rights violation in the Palaung area and cooperates with Network for Human Rights Documentation Burma (ND-Burma) on legal analysis and maintaining a database of human rights violations in Burma using the Martus program.
PWO also provides Documentation training to young people inside; publishes report and the Shwe Pi Oo Journal and releases statements on hot issues through media and the PWO website.

Advocacy and Outreach
1. External Advocacy
PWO cooperates with Women’s League of Burma and Network for Human Rights Documentation Burma in lobbying the international community to raise the awareness of the Palaung and essential methods to the improvement of the women[s life in Burma within the conflict situation in Burma.

2. Internal Advocacy
PWO advocates raising awareness amongst community leaders and Palaung people about women’s circumstances and about what is necessary to improve the lives of vulnerable women within their community.

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